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Since 1995, myself and our PowerHour® organization works with amazing leaders and their property management teams, across the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe and around the world. Our clients own their rental housing buildings [that are unfurnished and/or furnished], rental condos, residential homes and manage HOAs.

Inspired by the impressive leadership qualities of these leaders, we created 500+ PowerMinute topics here with short 60 second video coaching messages and 400,000+ views on LinkedIn, which will give you a fuller sense of the scope and depth of the work we provide~tied to leadership, sales and marketing. Plus, the author of SmartMatch Alliances™

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    Joining the weekly PowerHour® Leadership AcademyEvaluating our website lead/revenue conversionIncreasing our website SEO and organic search rankingsLaunching a tightly measured Google Adwords PPC campaignDeploying a smartly run follow-me ad campaignRunning/hosting impactful thought-leadership webinars/webcastsLeveraging the B-2-B LinkedIn platformHelping our company/team recruit better leadersProviding leadership assessment toolsWanting career/professional guidanceAttending an upcoming PowerHour educational programHelping our company with a merger discussionHelping our company with an acquisition discussionHelping our company to be soldGiving us guidance on a business valuationPurchasing the book, SmartMatch Alliances