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PowerHour, LLC is a leader in corporate distance learning, using a vehicle which we have named TeleForums. This means we create sales and service TeleForums that are custom-designed 60-minute programs, delivered by telephone. These sales and service TeleForums will serve your geographically dispersed executives, managers, employees, clients, prospects and vendors/partners in a cost-effective and efficient manner. In addition, a sales and service TeleForum provides flexibility in the frequency, composition, and size of your groups.

Here is a small sample of some of the 100+ sales and service topics that can comprise your TeleForum agenda:

  • Strategic Sales and Service News
  • Major Company News/Updates
  • Valuable Coaching On Sales and Service Leadership
  • Technology Strategies
  • New Sales and Service Sales And Marketing Tools
  • Powerful Sales and Service Resources And Alliances
  • Management, Professional And Technical Training

We create a sales and service TeleForum program for 10-100+ participants, with a variety of resources and tools, to serve the needs of your company or organization. Here are some of the available options to enhance our sales and service TeleForum programs:

  1. TeleForum outlines sent by E-mail.
  2. Web-based real-time training.
  3. Archives of your sales and service TeleForums: by synopses, complete transcripts, or digital-quality recordings.
  4. Comprehensive workbooks, sent to participants, prior to each series of TeleForums.
  5. A complete checklist/to-do list/action plan created during each sales and service TeleForum.
  6. Preparation and coaching of your internal expert prior to each sales and service TeleForum.
  7. Selection, preparation and coaching of external experts prior to your sales and service TeleForums.
  8. PowerHour principals are expert presenters on 100+ sales and service topics.
  9. A virtual focus group for cost-effective market research.

Distance learning and sales and service TeleForums are a perfect fit for progressive companies and organizations on the leading edge. TeleForums will allow you and your sales and service organization to quickly integrate best practices, share information world-wide, reach your goals faster, and implement change more smoothly...with less chaos! As a result, your bottom line is positively impacted.

To learn more about PowerHour, LLC TeleForumsT for your sales and service organization, please complete the form at the right.

PowerHour® is a thought-leader in coaching, distance learning for corporations, executive recruiting, and investment banking consulting services for our sales and service companies and their advertising sales teams. Plus, we provide mentor programs, teleconference training and are the author of the SmartMatch Alliances book. Follow us on Facebook® plus Twitter® and connect with us on LinkedIn®.


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