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Ernest F. Oriente of Power Hour®

Ernest F. Oriente
435-615-8670 fax
Park City, UT

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Monetize Your Website + Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Driving revenue from your website is critical to the long term success of your publication. But, where do you start? How do you deal with all the technology mumble jumble? How do you monetize your website and give your advertisers the online visibility + results they are looking for?

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PowerHour®, LLC has the answers and experts to help you make money now!

  • Would you like to make money from your publication website?
  • Would you like access to a team of web experts that understand and work every day with publications like yours?
  • Would you like to tap into the experience of a team of digital wizards that have been featured on Forbes.com, in USA Today, and have built websites since 1997?
  • Would you like to have a proven, revenue-driven web strategy and web design for your publication?
  • Would you like to offer your advertisers an online ad-serving solution that automates their online ad performance and provides proof of their ROI?
  • Would you like a content management system that will make website updates easy and simple for your internal team?
  • Would you like your readers to be able to search years of old articles on your website?
  • Would you like online video solutions that will help your sales team grow new revenue and have your editorial exposure soar?

We can help in all these areas and more! Our web experts have built and managed websites for publications large and small. From Top 500 consumer magazines to industry leading business-to-business publications, our web pro’s know their stuff!

Our PowerHour SEO team is proud to serve our publishing clients:
Patrick, Business Development
Doris, Weekly Quality Control
Ray, VP of SEM Strategies
John, Project Manager
Devon, PR and Social Media Coordinator
Nancy, Executive Assistant
Patricia, Business Development
Marty, VP of Web Strategies
Chandler, VP of Social Media
Jenalee, Senior SEO Analyst

Contact us today for a free website evaluation. Simply fill out this form on the right side of this page. We will dissect your website piece-by-piece and explain how we can help you drive new revenue from your website!

PowerHour® is a thought-leader in coaching, training, executive recruiting, webinars, web strategies and investment banking consulting services for our publishing companies and their advertising sales teams. Plus, we provide distribution services and software, web strategies and competitive analysis and are the author of the SmartMatch Alliances book. Since 1986 PowerHour has been a publishing profession leader and has coached/guided leading publications around the world since 1995 and is the founder of the PowerHour® Sales Academy. Follow us on Facebook® plus Twitter® and connect with us on LinkedIn®.


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