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Ernest F. Oriente of Power Hour®

Ernest F. Oriente
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Park City, UT

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Property Management Vendor/Supplier Recruiting

Tell Me More About Property Management Vendor/Supplier Recruiting
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Our PowerHour recruiting team — will help you find/place the superstar you are looking for — in 14 days — or less. We have the only/largest database of worldwide property management vendor/supplier sales superstars and industry leaders — those who have sold their products/services directly into the property management industry...just like your company. Our candidates all have 10+ years of sales expertise and have also guided/lead sales team — and have current/activity property management industry relationships. Since 1995, we have earned the trust of our property management vendor/supplier recruiting candidates and property management vendor/supplier clients/companies. And our industry database gives us the power and visibility to find and select the very best-of-the-best — those who know how to selling their products/services into the property management industry.

Two free educational webcasts: Listen to a webcast focused on Selecting Sterling Industry Suppliers and Vendors to sell more of your industry products/services to property management companies plus listen to a webcast on tips for Creating Vendor Relationships That Build Purchasing Power.

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PM Sales Vendor/Supplier Jobs

Below you will find:

  • 1. A *sample* of open/available positions below within the industry being offered by *A* property management vendor/supplier sales companies.
  • 2. A list of *A* property management vendor/supplier sales superstars [with 10+ years of industry relationships/success] looking to join leading *A* property management vendor/supplier sales companies.

For Property Management Vendor/Supplier Companies we provide:

  • We place strategic ads with industry publications and related websites.
  • We place your job openings in our recruiting Property Management Vendor/Supplier E-newsletter.
  • We draw on our industry contacts and relationships to find perfect candidates — candidates that will fit in the culture of your property management sales vendors/supplier company.
  • We create a customized property management sales vendors/supplier Criteria Form, which is our proprietary system for sorting and filtering candidates.
  • We telephone interview property management sales vendors/supplier candidates before we forward their information to you, plus have them complete three specific written exercises.
  • We send you each person's cover letter, their resume and a list of references, once we have completed the interview process.
  • We provide a comprehensive 23-page written assessment, numerically scoring this person, as compared to property management sales vendors/supplier SuperStars around the country.
  • We can provide exit interviews, to better understand why your employees are leaving.

For more information, please complete the form on the right side of this page.

For Property Management Vendor/Supplier candidates we provide:

  • A review of your resume.
  • We place your availability, confidentially, in our recruiting Property Management Vendor/Supplier E-newsletter.
  • We draw on our industry contacts and relationships to find Property Management Vendor/Supplier companies that will be a perfect fit.
  • We use a customized property management sales vendors/supplier Criteria Form, which is our proprietary system for sorting and filtering the best companies, based on your experience and needs.
  • With your approval and permission— we send your information to the property management sales vendors/supplier companies best suited for you.
  • We stay involved with you — every step of the way.

For more information, please complete the form on the right side of this page.

Property Management Vendor/Supplier positions available
Please send resume to or call us at 435-615-8486 to apply for a position.
Please send resume to or call us at 435-615-8486 to apply for a position.

Below is a list of "some" of the industry superstars we are actively working to place with leading property management sales vendors/suppliers . All of the recruiting work we do for our property management sales vendors/suppliers is to match "A" companies with "A" candidates — and "A" candidates with the best/perfect Property Management Vendor/Suppliers .

Each candidate we send to our Property Management Vendor/Supplier clients is taken through the following steps:

1. A careful read and review of each resume is done.
2. A first telephone interview is conducted. Compensation, non-competes and travel/relocation issues are covered during this call.
3. A written exercise with two specific assignments is requested.
4. The completion of our PowerHour three-part property management sales vendors/supplier sales pre-hire testing/assessment is done.
[ powerhour.com/propertymanagementvendor/assessments.html]
5. A second interview is done that includes interview questions focused on their testing/assessment results.
6. A request for references.
7. Each candidate is compared to our proprietary Property Management Vendor/Supplier PowerHour Selection Summary.
8. A package is sent to you by E-mail for each candidate.

Want to learn more? Send an E-mail or call us at 435-615-8486.

Property Management Vendor/Supplier SuperStar Candidates

Nine Steps For The Perfect Property Management Vendor/Supplier Interview

#1, Remember These Words: I will not lower my standards and hire subpar candidates for my Property Management Vendor/Supplier company! By making it difficult for a new person to be hired, you weed out marginal candidates.

#2, Advertising The Position: Run an ad specific for each position and include a salary range, for better candidate selection. Look to advertise each position in trade/industry publications and websites versus local newspapers, when possible.

#3, Reading A Resume: Sort all resumes into two piles reading those with a cover letter first, especially those "customized" for your property management sales vendors/supplier company. Look closely at employment dates and the number of companies each person has worked for, over the past five/ten years. Look for background or work experiences that closely match the responsibilities your position requires. Look for time gaps between jobs.

#4, Conducting A Phone Interview: Select the best candidates from the resumes you have received and schedule a ten-minute phone interview with each person. Ask, "are you currently employed...why are you leaving your current employer...what is the ideal position you are looking for...what are you currently earning?" Take "written" — as you listen for their phone voice, their attitude, and how close their ideal position matches the position you have advertised. Financially, your advertised position should be within 15-20 percent of this person's current income range. Give each person "homework" or "research" to complete, prior to the first interview...such as reviewing your website, visit/call a few of your competitors, etc.

#5, Conducting The First/Second Interviews: Start the first interview by asking about the homework you assigned. Look to cover questions 1-12 on the first interview while taking detailed "written" notes and schedule about 30 minutes for this meeting. The first interview should focus on work experience and skills. If you like what you hear/see, ask this person to write you a "longhand" letter titled "what will I do my first 90 days if you hire me today? And, what questions do you have about the position you are interviewing for?" Look for accurate spelling, punctuation and if the letter "sells" you on them. Also, schedule the second interview, before this person leaves your office. On the second interview, continue to ask questions 13-23 spending, 30-45 minutes for this meeting. The second interview should focus on the key success factors required at your property management sales vendors/supplier company, problem-solving abilities and determining the future potential and possible career path for each candidate.

#6, Using Assessments: If this person continues to be a strong candidate, schedule another 35-45 minutes for this person to come to your office and take the behavior/values/sales strategy assessments. The results from these assessments will either confirm the strengths of each candidate or will "red-flag" potential problems. Leading companies like 3M and Xerox use this powerful tool to hire superstars, as assessments communicate a professional/thorough interview process to a candidate.
To learn more about Property Management Vendor/Supplier pre-hire testing, click on this link: powerhour.com/propertymanagementvendor/assessments.html

#7, Conducting Third/Multiple-Person Interviews: This interview is the last meeting before compensation and a job offer is made. It is critical at this point to have another peer or your immediate supervisor/manager conduct this interview. In addition, the third interview is perfect for asking each candidate to give a "mock" presentation, based on a sample-selling scenario. If possible, have each candidate give the presentation to a third person, so you can observe the presentation without distraction.

#8, Checking References: Ask for references of past employers and these must be carefully checked. When making your reference calls, leave this message, "Your name has been given as a reference by xyz person. Please call me back if this candidate was outstanding". Watch to see how many do not call you back, as a red flag. If given a person's name at a past employer, conduct the reference check, then ask, "who else might I speak with at your company who worked directly with Bill/Mary?" This "second" person will be the best reference you can get. Also, use reference waivers (see attached).

#9, Conducting A Fourth Interview And Presenting Compensation: During the fourth interview, ask any remaining questions needed to finalize your hiring commitment. Then, present a 24-month income spreadsheet projecting gold-silver-bronze performance and projected income levels, by month. The bronze level must be achievable, realistic, and at least 50 percent of your current sales team must be performing at this level. Also, plan to fully explain company benefits, policies and procedures during this fourth interview. Congratulations...you have completed the perfect
interview and hiring steps!

Want to learn more? Send an E-mail or call us at 435-615-8486.


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