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Ernest F. Oriente of Power Hour®

Ernest F. Oriente
435-615-8670 fax
Park City, UT


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Power Insurance & Risk Management Group™

Power Insurance & Risk Management Group, LLC is here to provide you with nationwide insurance products for your commercial property owners insurance needs and specializes in products that protect your investments in the most appropriate and cost effective way, anywhere in the United States.

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Our professional team of Insurance Advisors has 24+ years of experience in the commercial property owners, property management, multifamily and commercial insurance industry, specializing in residential real estate and commercial property insurance coverage. We believe in using this experience as your insurance provider, and also as your insurance partner. We are the experts when it comes to commercial property owners insurance, apartment community insurance, apartment owners insurance and apartment building insurance.

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We offer a wide array of products to protect your commercial real estate assets, eliminate coverage duplication and eliminate overhead costs by consolidating all of your properties into one policy. Our products include coverage for your building, loss of rent or general liability, umbrella coverage, director and officer liability coverage, building ordinance law, equipment breakdown, workers compensation and employee dishonesty coverage.

We provide coast-to-coast insurance coverage for:

  • Apartment communities
  • Apartment owners
  • Apartment buildings
  • Commercial real estate
  • Retail office space
  • Condominiums

To listen to recent webcasts about apartment and real estate building insurance, surf the urls below:

CEO Series - Multifamily Insurance Claim Payments
Kent Lee, CEO, Power Insurance & Risk Management Group and www.pirmg.com.

CEO Series – Multifamily Insurance Protection and Risk 
Kent Lee, CEO, Power Insurance & Risk Management Group and www.pirmg.com.

Multifamily RE Building Insurance Emerging Trends
Kent Lee, CEO, Power Insurance & Risk Management Group, and www.pirmg.com.

CEO Series - Insuring Multifamily Companies & Leaders
Kent Lee, CEO, Power Insurance & Risk Management Group and www.pirmg.com.

CEO Series - Multifamily Insurance, 5 Must Knows
Kent Lee, CEO, Power Insurance & Risk Management Group and www.pirmg.com

When thinking about the commercial property insurance needs for your real estate buildings/assets our team can help you address the points/areas below:
  • When insuring your commercial property buildings/assets — do you know the difference between basic coverage, broad coverage and special coverage? Do you know how leading real estate building owners are balancing these three types of coverages---around the country?
  • In the state of our current economy — do you know the financial stability of the companies that are insuring your commercial property buildings/assets?
  • Would it be helpful to know the industry best-practices for insurance policy deductibles compared to leading real estate building owners?
  • Would it be helpful to learn more about the 20 most frequently asked by questions by leading real estate building owners around the country?
  • Are you aware of the 48 steps for reducing your commercial property insurance risks and do you know how to minimize your loss prevention? Would it be helpful to have you and your team trained on these 48 steps?
  • Based on the construction materials that were used in your commercial property buildings, do you know how this impacts your commercial property insurance options/choices?
  • Lawsuits for sexual harassment and employee discrimination can be expensive events. Do you know what kind of coverage you have in these areas?

To learn more about the points/areas above — please complete the form on the right-hand side of this page.

Industry Knowledge, Real Estate Building Insurance
To learn more about real estate building insurance and our educational leadership being shared with 130,000+ real estate & property management leaders/members — please click on the heading above, the LinkedIn® professional networking services logo to the right or here to join us inside of LinkedIn® professional networking services.

To learn a bit more about PowerHour and our industry work as a property management professional---since 1988 + the launch/success of PowerHour — since 1995 — please go to http://www.powerhour.com/propertymanagement/clientsuccess.html to read 166 pages of success we are having with our property management clients, since 1995 + surf LinkedIn® professional networking services [ https://www.linkedin.com/in/ernestoriente ] to see/read 132 specific recommendations about our PowerHour services and client results.

We’ve been in the property management sector — since 1988, founded PowerHour [ http://www.powerhour.com ] in 1995, write a monthly column for 210 property management association each month and write a monthly E-newsletter for 100,000+ property management professionals and for 50,000+ property management vendors/suppliers. Plus — we own/run the LinkedIn® professional networking services group called Property Management Professionals — with 130,000+ members — the largest in the world for our sector.
[ https://www.linkedin.com/groups/36805/ ]

With a reach of 25,000,000+ apartment units around the United States and our work in the industry since 1988, our clients know they can trust our team to deliver on our PowerHour national real estate insurance solutions.

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PowerHour Team Leader & Coach,
Ernest F. Oriente

PowerHour® is a thought-leader in executive recruiting services, search engine optimization {SEO}, search engine marketing {SEM}, national WiFi , national real estate building insurance, utility bill auditing , employee policy manuals, social media strategic solutions, affordable housing LinkedIn® professional networking groups and investment banking consulting services and books and courses for our property management clients around the world. We deliver training on winning strategies for new growth, revenues and success in these areas: franchise options, acquisitions, buying and selling property management companies or real estate assets, financial analysis, asset disposition, referral requests, business development strategies and presentation success. Since 1995 PowerHour is the industry leader and author of the SmartMatch Alliances book, offers a 15-point audio course on ancilliary income and runs/moderates the largest property management LinkedIn® professional networking groups in the world with 130,000+ leaders sharing cutting edge industry knowledge. PowerHour® writes a regular, monthly column for 200+ industry apartment associations since 1995 and is the founder of the PowerHour® Leadership Academy. Follow us on Facebook® plus Twitter® and connect with us on LinkedIn®.

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