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Ernest F. Oriente of Power Hour®

Ernest F. Oriente
435-615-8670 fax
Park City, UT

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Find out about the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), and how to join here.
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The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA)

Why your corporate housing company – and you -- need CHPA
Successful corporate housing professionals and partners continually seek ways to enhance business. Joining the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), the only worldwide organization dedicated exclusively to the needs of the corporate housing industry, is an easy way to be even more successful.

Members also enjoy . . .

  • Free online job postings
  • Best practices –operational procedures on operational issues
  • Industry insights – tips and trends in the industry

Register today for the next conference call about joining chpa.

  • After submitting this registration form you will receive an E-mail with the details you need to access the call.
  • There is no cost to participate.
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I look forward to your participation in this call.
The Coach,
Ernest F. Oriente


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